Rent a Bus with Driver  06 555 022 98 --------( )-------

laadruimte L x B x H = ( 290 x 165 x 140)

 I Can Help U Moving in Eindhoven


Hello Every One:  

Max. 2 person to Eindhoven-Airport cost 25 euro .

I have a "RENAULT TRAFIC " Mini-Bus ( VAN )
and Can Help U Moving  in Eindhoven. (From Door to Door, From A to B)
{ Door to Door => Main door of the building, NOT Your Room Door on the 10th Floor }
Moving like:
(  4 meter carpet/ Bed/ Mattress/ Cabinet/ Table/ Refrigerator/ WASHING machine/ 5 bicycle/ 1+2+3 person Sofa/  Big-item of Furniture  etc.)

Transport  for/in Eindhoven City for 35 Euro   ( Max. 1 Hour for 1 Trip ).
                ( A=>B )

- I Only Reserve One Hour to a Appointment ,
 if you Want More then One Trip/Hour, Please Tell me.
- U Did't Pay for the distant you made (only Eindhoven),
You just Rent a Bus with Driver 
- For One washing-machine or One fauteuil or One big mattres -

 Helping Load in/out of the House 20 Euro/hour/trip
- Helping Loading  Fridge or Washing machine 
( Don't Move it on you own , i will Help you for FREE )
Rent a Steekwagen For  7 Euro a day

( u don't need to rent a steekwagen when u use mij service, it free to use )
( Don't think you can use this steekwagen to breng the was-machine up to the 2e floor from a house,it can't ,
use u friend'S help to breng it up )

( One Trip is  two address  only  A=>B       Not   A=>B=>C   OR   A<=>B  )
( One address more =20 Euro more  ( A =>B => C ) Same city only)
( For 2 trip is four address ( A => B ,C => D )
( With a Right Tools, U done it in a Minute , Without u do it for Days )
( When it Could  Done  By Money , Don't Burden You Friend or Family )
( Money is u best Friend, its all-ways with u, Use U Friend in a Good Way )
( Prepare Money in you pocket, i don't know why the ATM not working )
( Prepare U Money, otherwise u wait for me, i wait for you, waiting for Nothing )
( I know u are richly, but i do not have change back from 100 euro )

( Do u home work,prepare the stuff, i Don't want to Charge u for a distance of 10 min. for 3 Hours )
( if you had experience  with "rent a car", you will know why everybody call me !!! )
( you will say when you "rent a car" U can use it for whole day, But with me U be able done in 30 min )
( Use the Service befor its Gone )
( Be Happy someone Works for Money,Because He will Help U Even He Don't like U)
( If  You Home-Heating Not Working, U Can Buy a Electric Blanket bij "HEMA" )
Q : How can You made the price so cheap ??
      -You don't pay tax  ?
A :- NO !!
      -You have a old damn cheap car  ?
A :- No !!
      - can u survives on this economic crisis, please tell me how ??
A :  oh, its very simple, Because i Don't have a Wife !!
 You Need Help for Moving, Who You gonna call for Help ?
Superman, ironman , Spideman or Batman, No, No, No  !!!
Because we live in a Peaceful World!!!
  you call Tsman (0655502298) 
THIS IS A JOKE : Don't make a joke of me , i know where you live.
 I don't want to live in the future , please help me, pay me cash

Check u Wallet Befor u Call Me,
Its Great that u have a Credit Card , Only What i Want is Cash !!
( work-time 24 hours ; 7 days week  )
Info Mobiel :   06-555 022 98
      EMAIL :

( ask if i am available first !!)
PS: Send Me A SMS (  Date, Time, Old + New addres )
Example ( on 23 dec 2pm from old address to new address )
       I will Be There On That Time

Navigation Onboard
L x B x H = ( 290 x 165 x 140 )
Laadvermogen = 1.200 kg                            
Laadvolume     = 6 m3
I can take 2 person in my bus, with me totally 3.
Destination address :
{Navigation Onboard }
40Veldhoven / Meerhoven / Nuenen/ Best/ Geldrop
50Tilburg / Helmond /  Boxtel / Valkenswaard
60Deuren / 's-Hertogenbosch
80Venlo / Roermond
110Utrecht  / Breda
120Arnhem  / Dordrecht
/ Nijmegen / Sittard
130 A'dam / Schiphol / Maastricht/ / Amersfoort
150R'dam / Delft /Apeldoorn/ Deventer
160Den Haag / Leiden / Haarlem /
220Enschede / / Hoorn /Terneuzen / Lelystad
400Groningen / Assen / Leeuwarden

Duitsland + Belgium => Ask Offer !!
( I Don't goto England, please don't call me for this )
Sold everything and go there with 2 suitcase !!
  IKEA-Taxi serves ( Eindhoven ) to :
  Destination address : 



  to Eindhoven 




  to Veldhoven / Meerhoven 




  to Tilburg / Den Bosch




  Procedure for IKEA-taxi
    2 calls to IKEA-taxi:
1. Befor u Goto IKEA, Call me and ask if i am available today
2. Befor u Pay u Bill, Call me.
 (so i have time to come to u and u don't have to wait for me)
 ( Befor u pay u bill is NOT befor u finish u shopping, some time u  must wait for 1/2 HOUR to pay u bill )
 IKEA openingstijden:
maandag t/m vrijdag 10-21 uur
zaterdag 9-20 uur
adres: Ekkersrijt 4089, 5692 DB Son
( station <=> ikea )  Openbaar vervoer
Vanaf NS station bus 11. Of met bus 1 tot de halte Castillielaan en hier overstappen op bus 11. }
[ Taxi cost +/- 20 euro ]

Koopzondagen bij IKEA Eindhoven:

Op koopzondagen is de winkel geopend van 11 tot 18 uur.

Het restaurant is op koopzondagen geopend van 10 tot 17.30 uur. Het warm buffet is op koopzondagen geopend tot 17 uur.


link for IKEA FAMILY kaart :

: Free Moving Box :
By AH-supermarket there are some of fruit-box you can take it for free
Trash bags is also good for packing Clothing !!!
Don't buy a dish-WasMachine, You don't Need it
Even you get it for FREE, It cost you Money to throw it away !!!!!!
( U Need a Wife to do it  )
Please Switch u voice-mail off
its Not irritation that i Can't Reach u
its irritated  Me   that i Can't Reach u and PAY  for it !!!!
Warning : if you buy a sofa or a big bed , 
Be sure that it can through the Doors and Stairs
Otherwise  the Company Below  May Help  to fix u problem
Garbage Company Eindhoven :
RAZOB nv :
  • Lodewijkstraat 7 , 5652 AC , 040-2569171
( Entree with stadspass Eindhoven is FREE )

Adressen en openingstijden

Lodewijkstraat 713.00 - 19.0013.00 - 17.0013.00 - 19.0013.00 - 17.0013.00 - 19.0010.00 - 17.00
Gabril Metsulaan 1 (ingang Kanaaldijk-Z)13.00 - 19.0013.00 - 17.0013.00 - 19.0013.00 - 17.0013.00 - 19.0010.00 - 17.00

Let op: vanaf maandag 3 juni 2013 is de milieustraat aan de Esperheide gesloten.

Self storage
Self storage is storing things yourself, a very flexible solution.
You're renting space, large/small,  for as long /short as you want,
unlimited access. Safe, cheap and nearby.

         Rent a  Navigation For  15 Euro a day
(Borg 150 euro)

After you read this page, you know i am NOT British

ones i own a British passport, But Not anymore

Because with my British passport i get Trouble Travel to Engeland

after this, i change it to the Netherlands ,Thanks God !!!


except moving which situation u can call me too ??

u can call me :

if u want go to the station and there is not bus !!

if the taxi u order didn't show up in the mornig at 6am

if u want goto the schiphol airport and there is not train !!

if u want togo Venlo and there is  no train in the morging !!

if something happen and u can nog find a taxi !!

if is in mid-night 2 o'clock and u can not find someone to help u moving !!

even u car battery is empty. because u put the licht on,and can't start !!

In those situation don't tell me is urgent

because i will charge u double !!                  [  Joke  :-)  ]

At Last and Very Important: 

Don't forget to give your friends a dinner which help u moving, 

Even was long time ago, You MUST Reward Your Friends, 

Otherwise you will get trouble with your next move !!

A Child  question his parents: we are so poor, why you let me born. 

Parents said: Yes, we are poor, so we ask God to solve our problems,on that  year you were born.

links :

( if you want to buy  mobile phone  )    кɷѯ